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Animal Welfare and Rescue Effort

Animal Sanctuary Fund

Animal Sancturay Fund

Although the TCI’s salt trade is a distant memory, not much has changed for the donkeys and horses that worked as draft animals, except for their service to man.

Despite being loosely owned by various locals, these days they are only lassoed for joy rides; then returned to the wild to graze, drink and fend for themselves.

Unfortunately, for these equine nomads there is very little fertile land to graze and even less fresh water to be found. So, driven by hunger and thirst they knock down fences, break water pipes and damage property, becoming a nuisance to the human population, and often inciting unspeakable acts of cruelty.

Our solution is to help alleviate their suffering by providing potable drinking water, food and proper medical care.

With your generous donations – which can be made at GoFundMe_TCI A.W.A.R.E. Animal Sancturay Fund – our organization will construct an unpenned animal sanctuary on acquired land perfectly located at North Wells, Grand Turk.

This land, which we have already secured, has for many centuries been their ancestral watering hole.


Starving horses, donkeys and mules in Grand Turk

Starved, thisrty and abused animals in search of relief shade and relief.

Fish Fry booth

TCI A.W.A.R.E.’s Charity booth, Brilliant Sutudios Sponsored Prize in an effort to raise funds for our Animal Sanctuary.

proposed feding sheds. photo courtesy of Chukka Horse Penn, Grand Turk

Proposed shaded feeding troughs, photo taken at Chukka Horse Penn, Grand Turk.