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Animal Welfare and Rescue Effort

Grand Turk Animal Sanctuary Moves Closer to Construction

AN ANIMAL sanctuary to provide water, food and medical supplies for the equine population on Grand Turk is one step closer to becoming a reality.

The initiative is being spearheaded by Michael Fenimore through his charity TCI AWARE and will soon see an artist rendering of what the entire facility will look like upon completion.

Fenimore’s charity, which was created in March 2016, is centered on alleviating the main problem facing the donkeys, mules and horses – such as lack of food, fresh water and proper medical attention – by building an un-penned animal sanctuary at North Wells in Grand Turk.


Unprecedented rainfall collected at North Wells after Hurricanes Irma and Maria devastated much of the island. 


On November 20, he met with an architectural designer out of Ontario Canada, Joris Keeren of Keeran Design Inc, to inspect the location where the sanctuary will be located.

Fenimore explained to the Weekly News what sparked the visit: “Joris Keeren reached out to me in November 2016 and graciously offered to help our cause by donating his company’s time and resources to assist in the design and procurement of architectural plans for our animal sanctuary located in North Animal Wells, Grand Turk.”

He added that last month Keeren and his wife Melisssa Mosey, long time visitors to the Turks and Caicos Islands, returned on vacation, now their 10th visit to the territory.

“As promised Joris touched base with me again to set up a site visit and to further discuss the charity’s plans for the animal sanctuary.

“The visit to the site gave Joris the first-hand knowledge needed to begin the process of taking our concept one more step closer to breaking ground,” Fenimore said.

Following the site visit, Keeren told the Weekly News that he and his wife are avid animal lovers, and are keenly interested in the welfare of the equine population in their home country

He said that coming to the TCI and learning about the plight of the donkeys, mules and horses in Grand Turk along with TCI AWARE’s efforts to alleviate their suffering, he was keenly interested in assisting and advancing Fenimore’s cause.

“I met Mike a little over a year ago, I’d read about him in an article; about three years ago while on vacation in the TCI I had actually run into a donkey on Provo that was neglected and a few of the local people were trying to get them to safety but that didn’t work out.

“That was my first interaction with a donkey on the island.

“But we’ve always been involved in helping the dogs on island through Potcake Place and TCSPCA, and we probably brought about five or six dogs back to Canada from here, so we are very interested in animal welfare here on the island.”

Keeren said he is hoping to contribute to Fenimore’s efforts in two ways: “One is through my professional design business in Canada, we will participate in designing the building that are required, and with some money as well.”

Commenting on his and his wife’s first visit to Grand Turk, Keeren said he wanted to get a lay of the land and see it in person as well as interact with some of the animals on the island.

The Canadian couple were treated to a narrated guided tour of the capital followed by a more

detailed visit to the future site of the sanctuary and surrounding area.

Meanwhile, as he continues to raise funds, Fenimore is encouraging anyone interested in the project to contribute whatever they can via the charity’s Go Fund Me page

He is hoping to raise some $75,000 that he will use to construct the animal sanctuary, and purchase food and medical supplies for the animals.

— Delana Isles | Turks and Caicos Weekly News | Full story