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Animal Welfare and Rescue Effort

Provo Primary Students Get a Lesson in Donkey History

Dozens of young students from the Provo Primary School grades third through sixth gathered to learn about the history of the Turks and Caicos Islands donkeys. The students enthusiastically filed into the arts and media room to view an informative slide show presentation filled with fun facts, videos and historical anecdotes all related to this noble and sometimes stubborn native.

One of the charity’s goals is to promote awareness about the island’s wild animals. By educating our youth about many of the positive attributes these animals portray, we hope to perpetuate this knowledge into kindness and compassion toward all animals.

The Provo Primary kids are well ahead of the curve when it comes to awareness and community spirit. To show their support the students collectively raised $130 to donate toward the charity’s Animal Sanctuary. The un-penned Animal Sanctuary located at Animal Wells, Grand Turk once constructed will provide food, water and medical care for the horses, donkeys, and mules in Grand Turk.

We sincerely thank Provo Primary and their students for showing their support and for inviting us to their school.

Group photo of Provo Primary students presenting their donation to Charity president Michael Fenimore


Special thanks to Weekly News: Story by Delana Isles Click Here